Jonathan Dearborn
This is a sample of the work that I've done as a game developer.

Fire, Fire, Where You Are

FFWYA Screen1
"Fire, fire, where you are, I'm going to fight you with a fire department" (name given by my 4 year old daughter) is a game where you control a firefighter burning away grass (fire fuel) before a wildfire comes.
This game was made for Ludum Dare 18.  The competition theme was "Enemies as weapons", the very theme I suggested!  It ended up with being voted as #32 overall (out of 172 entries), #4 in Innovation, and #9 in Theme.
Controls: Use the arrow keys or 'wasd' to move, aim with the mouse and click to start a fire near your firefighter.
FFWYA Screen 2
Download w/source

Treasure Tub

Pilot your toy boat in the search for gold.  Be warned: The other ships are willing to fight for it!  Collect the most gold by the time the last chest is found and you win!
This is another entry to the Ludum Dare 48-hour game competition.  The competition theme was "Islands".  This is the original version produced in 48 hours.  The source code is included in the download.
Controls: Use 'w', 'a', 's', and 'd' to move.  Use the mouse to aim and shoot.  When you have a map, you can fish for treasure with a right-click.

TT Screen2   TT Screen3
TT Screen1

Frank the Dinosaur

FTD Screen1
Play as Frank in a quick, fun dino adventure with a twist.
This was my first submission to Ludum Dare (actually, MiniLD).  There are some interesting concepts in this small game, like stealth and humor.  The original game was made in much less than 48 hours.  This version has some bug fixes and minor changes made after the fact.
Controls: Use the arrow keys to move, spacebar to jump, left shift for action (once you gain it), and up/down arrows to aim.


Destiny of the Sword (prototype)

Destiny of the Sword is a turn-based tactical RPG similar to Vandal Hearts and Final Fantasy Tactics.
I was the lead programmer on this project, which involved a group of 5 developers.  My goal in this project was to gain some experience working in a collaborative team and to help the team get to a working prototype.  Two of the developers are also the designers, so I interpreted their designs into a working game using assets created by the other developers (sprite graphics temporarily stolen from Battle for Wesnoth).

DoTS Screen1

<no download>

Knight of the Cave Dragon

KCD Screen1
Take the role of a courageous knight who must save a village from an evil dragon.  This totally original plot line takes you through dark caves and into the lair of the fire-breathing villain.
This game was made for Ludum Dare 15: "Caverns".  I played a bit with shadow puzzles in this and I got a lot of positive feedback on the blocky pattern of the light.  A few minor features were added after the competition.
Controls: Use the arrow keys to move.  Left shift is jump.  'z' is attack.  'x' is for throwing torches.


Slugs v Salt

You control a hotshot squad of slugs against hordes of salty foes.  Use your water guns to melt the enemy lines.
This is my Ludum Dare 14 entry for the Advancing Wall of Doom theme.  The interpretation of the theme was pretty unique.  There's not much AI involved, but it is fun watching your team release a torrent of water.  The difficulty was adjusted after the competition.
Controls: 'wasd', 'g' to fire, 'h' to jump for player 1.  Arrow keys, 'm' to jump, 'n' to fire for player 2.

Slugs v Salt Screen 1


GigaSun Jet (work in progress)

GSJ Screen1
In GigaSun Jet, you customize and control your own spaceship as you and up to three other players race through a variety of star systems, destroying enemies, earning credits, and upgrading your various components.  Choose from an unlimited variety of each of the 12 component types to fill your ship with the best equipment.  Activate outrageous special abilities to gain the upper hand.
I designed and wrote every line of this relatively large game.  There is still much to do, like finishing the single player game, adding network support, and implementing alternate game modes (Capture the Flag, Soccer, etc.).

GSJ Screen 2

<no download>


3D Breakout clone written in OpenGL with Glut for my Computer Graphics course.
The actual assignment was too simple (it only required drawing of boxes and player input), so I went ahead and made a fairly complete game out of it.  The professor was pleasantly surprised, to say the least.  There are some useful additions like powerups, score, and level, and there are fancy additions like the setup sequence and the brick debris.
Controls: Use the arrow keys to reflect the ball and destroy the bricks above.

Breakdown Screen 1



NFont Screen 1
A complete and very simple to use C++ bitmap font class with text-block alignment, newline support, font metrics, and even animation.  NFont can also load/cache SDL_ttf objects if you want to use a TrueType font.
I designed and implemented the entire library and each revision, starting from a bare font drawing routine.  I use this in most of my 2D SDL aplications.


SPriG is a graphics primitive generator for SDL.  It supplies a quick and simple interface for the drawing of primitives (pixels, lines, polygons), the rotation and zooming of surfaces, and many useful surface functions.  It also implements several alpha-blending modes and line thickness controls.
I started from the SGE library, made lots of interface tweaks, removed several misfitting features, and added other features to enhance the major goal of providing graphics primitives and surface transforms.

Sprig Screen 2

Sprig Screen 1